Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Discovery of Sabah - Kota Kinabalu (Part 1)

I was away from Kuala Lumpur for 4 days since Friday... as u all know, I'm heading to Kota Kinabalu for a trip... Finally I'm back on Monday and I misses KK so much now.
Woke up 7am in the morning on Friday and head to airport, the journey to airport was boring but nevertheless I was excited on reaching the airport. Reached the airport around 8.30am and then proceed to check-in and those "Ma Fan" procedures... My flight was at 9.30am and It takes 2 1/2 hours to reach KK (Thank god there's such thing as MP3 if not I would be bored to dead) but then there's shinny sky and formless cloud to watch... Around 12pm i reach KK airport and we proceed to Marina Court Resort Condominium where we will be staying to check-in. The Condo consist of 3 room with 2 bathroom, Living Hall and a Kitchen, below are some pictures of the Condo.

Marina Court Resort Condominium

One of the bedroom which is MINE~ =)

LUNCH TIME!!! We went to Grace Point The City's Secret Garden (FOOD COURT) to have our lunch and surprisingly the place is cooling and relaxing, The place there is so clean unlike the food court in KL... I had my very first plate of food which is a Sabah cuisine, some some fried fish with honey with some special rice and It was yummy! Few pictures to let you see the environment of their food court.

After lunch, we decided to go for a city tour! Oh lala~ I discover that Sabah dislike traffic light... HAHAHA! Why? Most of the 4 point junction are not controlled by traffic light... Guess what??? It's roundabout!!! I guess this save up alot of time for the traffic police to maintain their traffic... LoLs! During city tour we went to Bukit Bendera and on top of the mountain you can see the KK town... Check out the pictures

Top of the world~

Is that it? Of course NOT!!! We also visited the Heritage Village (Kampung Warisan), It's one of the place where they preserve the Kampung-ish looking place for the culture of the Kadazan race in Sabah... There's variety of house over there, like Murut Long House (Rumah Panjang Murut), Lotud House (Rumah Lotud) and many more... Yeay!! I get to be one of the native there! HaHaHa!! Let's go Jakun-ish~

We also visited the Museum of Sabah which is damn cool! They have this BIG BIG SKELETON OF A WHALE! The bones were actually injected with some medicine to preserve it... according to the history, this whale is found dead by the beach or sea side of Sabah and they decided to keep the bones ONLY! There's no picture showing the dead whale.. Which still leave me with curiosity... Check out those pictures!

The skeleton of a Whale...

Rolls Royce... First time seeing this car....
My mum said that only the road tax
will make you go bankrupt.

*Sorry, I wasn't able to snap photos inside the Museum due to camera are restricted.

Coming to an end... but a lil' more kays?? Haha.. Sorry for being draggy. Right! Last but not least we also had our yummy dinner in Gaya Seafood Restaurant. The total bill cost us RM780.00!!! I know, It's shocking right? The food that we ordered are all fresh as in swimming in the tank... But let us see what did we ordered that cost us so much...

We had Lobster!!!

Lobster soup as well...

Steam Fish *In Cantonese - Tong Seng Pan

Steam Prawn

A type of snail *In Cantonese - Tung Fong Lo*

Sabah Vege *Sorry I dono the name of it*

As you can see there's 1 more metal pot in the middle
It's actually a mix seafood pot consist of
abalone, sea cucumber and some some larrr.....

Alright! We have come to an end for the first day of what I did in KK... Will update part 2 as soon as possible... Thanks for reading~ Bye Bye!!!

-Nigel Chen-

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A trip to KK~

Heyy... Sexy Ladies and Hot Guys! I wont be in KL for 4 days starting from tml (Friday) onwards till next Monday... Why??? HAHAH!!! I'm going to Kota Kinabalu for a trip! *Cant wait for tomolo~
My flight will be at 9.30am in the morning... yeah! that's right 9.30am! Woah! So freaking early!!! =( I want to SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!
To my lovely friends who wish to date me, I'm sorry to disappoint you guys! But no worries, my phone is always here so don't hesitate to gimme a text or call kays? *hoping that KK got line for Maxis* LoLs... and to Sylvia... We can go clubbing after i return from KK~ No worries my dear~ HaHaHa!!!

See ya!!! Will update once i return from KK wit lots of PHOTO~ Yeay!!!

-Nigel Chen-

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Talent Quest!!!

16th of May (Saturday) - Talent Quest is here!!! Yeay!!!
In the morning, I went to fetch Christie and Fern in their new apartment located in Jalan Ipoh. We had breakfast together. Yummy Dim Sum and the best thing is the bill under FERNNIE~ She was lucky nuff to get RM50 for free! HaHaHa.. After breakfast we went to college for Talent Quest of cause. It was a blast! I have to say that this is the HOTTEST event that held by KTE b4.. LoLs. There's total of 13 team performing different performance and each and every1 was a winner on that day, but there's 3 outstanding team who won the prizes. Grats to those who won! =)

The 1st prize goes to - Izzudin from Dip1/08 presenting a song tittle "Sampai Syurga".
The 2nd prize goes to - Benji and Bensen from Dip1/09 presenting Pop Dance.
The 3rd prize goes to - Abandon from Dip2/09 presenting Ballet Dance.

Izzudin performing his song - 1st prize winner!

His loyal fans club! Hahaha!!!

Benji and Bensen performing Pop Dance - 2nd prize winner!

Take my hand, Hold me close and Take 1 step~

Abandon performing Ballet Dance - 3rd prize winner!

The Spicy Tiger!!! From Left - Cynthia, Bobo and Hara

Spicy Tiger performing the art of Teakwondo. Kick some wood!! AHHH!!!

Hoodie Bootie presenting Sexy Dance!!! *Screaming of high-ness*

R&R - Rachel and Ru

Ministry of Music (MOM) - Bensen, Syeqa, Joye,
Canasder, Ainaa, Benji, Kylie and Daniel

Ministry of Music (MOM) - Its CELLO not CHELLO
Let us say CELLO~

The 13 team of contestant for Talent Quest

The crowd giving support!! YEAHHH!! YAHOOO!!!

More crowd *Boom-ing Party Poppers*

The leng chai - From Left - Leow, UK and Ivan

More leng chai - Daniel, Me, Benji, Bensen, Nick

The hot chick!!! Smoking~

The 3 guitarist says "We spank you with our guitar if you mess with us"

Smile!!! We love camera~

The happy crowd!

Group picture!!! Promoting Pepsi... LoLs

The 2 angel and 1 demon~ Nahh la.. JK..
3 angel just 1 of them decided to wear black~

3 broke sedih-ish crowd!

Canasder and I

That's all for now! Will update soon~
Thanks for reading

-Nigel Chen-

Outing after Class

On last Thursday, after class Vinud, Daniel, Kylie and I went out together. We went to Rainforest Sports Bar in Pavilion and we had a great time there. HAHAHA!! The actual purpose why we go there was because of Vinud, He want to meet up with this Marketing Manager from Rainforest Sports Bar group called Rotol Group Co. to discuss about our Mid-Term Party Venue and stuff.
Mr Alex joined us in Rainforest too because he's in Pavilion karaoke-ing in Red Box. LoLs!!!

Here some picture of us in Rainforest Sports Bar

Rainforest Sports Bar

This is their Bar, WOOSH!! Look at those bottle behind!! =)

Mr Alex and I

Vinud and I

Kylie and Daniel

Long Island Tea ordered by Kylie

Vodka Lime ordered by Vinud and I

The End~ Thanks for reading.

-Nigel Chen-