Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Shoot in KLCC park

I went for a Photo Shoot in KLCC park on the 3rd day I'm back to KL. I need some experience in shooting Portraits seriously... I have been shooting Landscape picture the most. Since I'm back to KL, I take this opportunity to meet up with my friends and go for a photo shoot. I also invited Jackie to join since he's also very enthusiastic in photography and Olivia as well. We are suppose to meet up at 8am at KLCC but ended up meeting everyone at 9am. Next thing I know It's raining! OMFG! But luckily the rain stopped around 11am and then we quickly go around looking for places to start. Halfway shooting, security guard came and stopped us from shooting and asked do we have a permit for a photo shooting here? Oh well, nothing can stopped us from shooting and we continue after she left. Below are the result of the shooting, Enjoy!!!

Group Picture!!! *Jackie left early so his face is not in here*

Shots of Ethan

Shots of Sze Wei

Shots of Sylvia

Shots of Rebecca

Shots of Cathy

Shots of Laura

Mix & Match!

That's the result of the photo shoot in KLCC... It was just a casual shoot and not for any formal occasion. I end this post with another group picture!

Thanks for reading. Do C&C kays.. very much appreciated.

-Nigel Chen-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back to KL after 2 months!

The excitement of being back to KL is unexplainable. It's a boring journey to travel down to KL from Cameron. Imagine...!!! Sitting in a bus for 5 hours and basically you do nothing but sleep! It is obvious that I'm not a pig who does nothing but sleeps. Anyway, Ignore the boring part in the bus. I was eager to see KL! When I reach Jalan Duta I see KLCC *Screaming out LOUD KLCC*!!! Finally I see tall rise building (It's been 2 months that I didn't see any building taller than 5th floor). *Big Sigh* Ethan was my traveling buddy tho.. but he was in his own world.. HAHAHA!

First thing we do when we reached KL is head to Brickfields to grab my car. O-M-G! It's muhhh RED KANCIL! It's been months that I didn't drive, so here am I driving my red kancil and heading off to College. The feeling to be back to College is good!!! Missing fun with Coursemates and Collegemates but not the EXAMS and ASSIGNMENTS! Back to College and visit my juniors and get to know that they're doing a Restaurant Service and Dining as their Evaluation. All the best!! Ethan and I bought a whole big pack of Dried Strawberry for our College lecturers and Collegemates. We're like Santa Clause distributing Strawberries here and there. Get to hang out a lilttle with Dip2/08 which we always do last time when we're at College and I get to grab a few pic of few individuals.

After visiting the College we headed for tea time in Macdonalds! I did not have Macdonald for 2 months already! THERE'S NO MACDONALDS IN CAMERON HIGHLANDS!! Can you believe it? Oh well, after Macdonalds. We headed home!

To those who know me well. What do I do in KL after I've been in Cameron for 2 months??? Shopping? Sleeping? Meditating? Stay at home and watch Astro? NOOOOOO!! CLUBBING!!! Yeay!! Party! Seriously... I miss partying, there's no entertainment in Cameron. *Haiz*
So I went to MOS the same day I go back to KL from Cameron! WOOOHOOO!!! Party! Shake it shake it~ Tonights gonna be a good night~ Jerrick, Nathan, Sylvia, Olivia, Laura, Stephanie, Alison and Wendy! You people rocked my night! *This picture is all taken after MOS

The next day I went for a date with Sze Wei in Times Square. We meet up in Times Square around 10am and walked here and there. I was looking for my Camera equipment and in the same time she was looking for Handphone. I didn't get myself any Camera equipement tho but Sze Wei did get herself a Handphone. Then we decided to go for lunch in BBQ Plaza! Ohhhh! Porkie!! I'm coming! Deperado for PORK! XD

Sze Wei~
PORKKKKKKKK!!!!! *Yummy*

After lunch, She had to meet up with her cousin for birthday celebration in Red Box (Sg.Wang) and so she left around 2pm and I went over to JW Marriott to look for Juniors who currently doing their training there and also my old friends and colleagues who I once work with in JW Marriott Hotel KL (Shanghai Restaurant).

and went to Yam Cha in Sg. Wang with Wiki Jie who is Manager in Shanghai Restaurant.

Wiki Jie eating Nasi Lemak!

That's all for now! Next will be Photo Shoot in KLCC park! Stay tuned!!!

-Nigel Chen-

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farewell my friend

During my Internship in Cameron Highlands Resort. I have met and get to know a lot of peoples. Peoples from various background and different nationality, culture and religion. I have realize that this doesn't stopped us from being friends, I'm glad that we're able to work together, spend time together and we had a chance to meet each other and be friends.

Farewell my Friend Nova!!! All the best in persuading your future!

Nova she's from Spa department and she has been working with YTL Hotels and Resorts for more than 5 years. Now that she's leaving, The staff in Cameron Highlands Resort did a BBQ party for her farewell.

Let me introduce Nova to you! TaaaaDaaaa!!!

Candid! But I like. =)

Seen people BBQ-ing Ice? No right?? This is pretty cool! HAHAHA!
Group Picture!
Too bad to those who went back early. =(


May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand. Good Bye Nova, take care!

-Nigel Chen-