Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life in Cameron Highlands!

Hello~~~~ I'm back!!! This will be the first post after I leave KL and headed to Cameron Highlands. This is just a short update on what happening in Cameron with me!
I left KL on Sunday morning 9am by bus heading to Cameron... While on my way to Cameron I got a travel buddy! It's Ethan!!! Yes, he'll be with me for 4 months up here in Cameron for Internship. So I cut it short, because I'm running outta time here! Dinner time~ HUNGRY! Here's the picture!!! *Ethan is being my model for my new DSLR~ YEeehooo!! So you'll see him appearing in most of the picture.

Toilet Break!!! Somewhere in Highway~

A picture of Ethan in the bus

When Princes goes to HOLLYWOOD!

Ethan waiting for his room (Lobby of the resort)

Jim Thompson Tea room

King Size Bed for us! OMG!!! We're sleeping together!

Sofa!!! With lots of pillows

The balcony (It's perfect to drink tea and enjoy the weather)
That's what I did atleast~ XD

The 3 of us outside the resort.
We gonna be together for the next coming 4 months

The Dining Room of Cameron Highlands Resorts
* Table Setting Arrangement for Dinner

Resort are filled with lights during night time!
Nice eh~


Individual Pictures of my Internship Buddies



*Sorry no individual picture of myself because I refuse to let them touch my DSLR~ XD*

Will update more when I have time like today, So GOOD-BYE for now~

Signing Out from Cameron Highlands.

-Nigel Chen-

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'll be away!~

Hello every1... I'll be away for 4 months, that's mean I'm not in KL! I'm in Cameron Highlands, but why 4 months??? Cause I'm having an attachment/internship up here in Cameron. So I won't be updating my blog constantly, but I'll try my best to update it whenever I have time for it.
To all my blog readers - Thanks for the support all the while! I din't expect that I will be blogging for 3 months. Yes!!! I've establish this blog of mine for 3 months already. I went tru alot by blogging and get to know lots of people. It's really fun to blog and I will continue The Journey of my LIFE (except I get bored of blogging) and hope that for the past 3 months you have been enjoying reading my blog.

Thank you,
Nigel Chen

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Asia Pacific Dance Xplosion 2009

I receive an invitaion to Asia Pacific Dance Xplosion 2009 on last sunday in Shangri-La Hotel KL.
I wasn't aware that there such thing going on KL. U know, It's fun right to see people dancing. It's basically a dance competition open to all level. Level as in Primary, Novice, Newcomer, Intermediate, Gold, Beginner, Advanced and All Stars... Okay, I know its a lil' confusing about this level names... So just in short - Kids, Teen, Uncle and Aunties is there dancing!

This is Asia Pacific Dance Explosion, so u cant expect every contestant are from Malaysia right??? There's people from Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Venezuela, Taiwan and of cos Malaysia!!!
The funny thing is, I get free entrance to it but I have to pay RM50 in order to get my Camera in. WHAT THE HECK is that!!! Imagine other people paying for the ticket to enter and yet they have to pay RM50 to bring their camera along.. this is crazy... Oh well, atleast I get free ticket to enter. HAHAHA!
The registration counter. Okay! It's early in the morning 9am. So it's okay to be sleepy! LoLs

This small lil' kid here his name is Matthew and he's just 3 years old.
WoW! Even a 3 years old kid can dance and I can't
*Shy Shy* gonna run and hide my face already... XD

This is Line Dance Individual - Primary Novice contestant.
It's Primary Novice and most of them are like damn young!!! OMG!!!

Line Dance Individual - Newcomer Diamond
I see AUNTIES!!! Okay larr.. they're not that old but at the very least they can DANCE!!!

Oh! This contestant number 44 is Cheryl Lim and her moves ain't that bad eh.
The Official Photography kept on snapping pictures of her.
She's under Newcomer Crystal by the way

Novice Junior Teen category

This group of aunties dancing under Intermediate Diamond
Eh! Dun underestimate these aunties... Their costume all ah really "WAHLAU WEH" 1 ah.. dun pray pray ah!

He's Norshan and he's in Novice Open
Hello!! He got great dance step you know... Salute him wei. The whole group of contestant for this category are all ladies except him, he's the only gentleman there...

WooT!!! Hot pose babe!! Hahaha! I notice that she got real hot pose while dancing. Do people really pose while they're dancing? If they do then I think I just don't know. XD

Oh lala~ This is Beatrice. I called her Beat + Rice. Lols...
She's in Newcomer Junior Teen.
PS - Sylvia your sis can dance wei!!!

OoopS!! She notice that I snap a picture of her! HoHoHo!

Oh lala!!! I caught 1 contestant that are tired! Basically she just finished dancing and yeah! Dancing really used up energy! Anyway, She's Trisha Heah and I got to know her from another friend of mine. Hot babe right??? Teehee~

Intermediate Open. They are really good! Trust me!

Novice Diamond Category
I think she's dances to get attraction. Her moves are big in action and her face expression are all funny! LoLs.. Good job! U did attract the judges!!!

Novice Crystal Category
She's Park Hee Jung from Korea
Her costume are special. Why?? Scroll Down!!!

She changed her costume in just like 5 second!!! OMG!!! This is so cool!
Very very creative I think. =)

Hip Hop for Junior category
Fu-Yohhh!!! Kids are now Hip-Hoping... This is sooo "maju" wei!

Hip Hop for Advance Open category
Dancing hip-hop individually seems to be like SS-ing in the middle of nowhere larh...

Some cool moves... I guess dancing hip-hop in a hotel ballroom is really rare. LoL!!!

Hip Hop Advance for Junior!!! OMG!!
Even Kids of have advance hip hop.. This is really 'maju' now, I guess by next year u'll see aunty or uncle dancing hip hop already. HAHAHAH!!!

AWWWW!! See this cute lil' girl??? She's in Individual Primary Novice for Waltz eh... Heart Meltz~

Hip Hop in a team!! Finally not individual... atleast you wont look like SS-ing in the ballroom of a hotel. HAHAHAH!! Anyway, they're under Beginner Junior and this team are actually from JAPAN! GAMBATEH!!!!

This is Hip Hop Team Event. They are from Japan but I don't know why there are doing this (shown above in the picture) because this is totally not HIP HOP!!! Oh My!!!

Hip Hop Team Event for Advance Open!
Finally I see some cool moves! Unlike those carrying people up and I hope that they toss them away, but they put them down.. AWWW!!

More cool moves! Try to do that while you're carrying a big fat guy! HAHAHA!!

Finally the competition is over and now they're waiting for the judge to come up with the result.. While waiting they hit the dance floor!!! All were dancing in group! Oh lala~ Makes me wanna dance too~

The Council Members or the place where the judges sit. Lots of Judge are MIA!!! Where are they!!! Faster-lahhh!! I wan d result lahh!!! aiyoyoh~

HOHOHO! Now is the time for the result!!! Okay! I din't manage to snap picture of all of the winner, but somehow I did snap a few! So enjoy! (Abit-bit oso can larr kays)

The Contestant are waiting patiently for their names to be called!

Grats Trisha!! She's in 2nd runner up! Good Job girl!!!

The winner for Newcomer Junior Teen category! Clap Clap Clap~~~

Oh My! This cute lil' boy Matthew won too!!! Adorable-nyeerrr this small lil' guy! hhaha!

The Winner for Hip Hop Team Event Begineer Open
The winner group called High Voltage. WUUU!!
Feel like kena Voltage onli...

OMG!!! They are soooo cute~ Want ur daugther to be like them?? Send your daughter for dancing class then. =)

Asia Pacific Dance Xplosion booklet! Other than pictures this is what I brought back. It's a good experience to be able to explore more into the art of dancing. I felt like taking up dance classes and be like those Brave and Energetic contestant... But Ahhh~~ I'll pass... XD

Signning Out
-Nigel Chen-

Bon-Odori 2009

Bonjour~ I was at Bon-Odori last Saturday. Do you guys know what is Bon-Odori??? Let me explain to you briefly, Bon Odori is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the deceased spirits of one's ancestors. This Buddhist custom has evolved into a family reunion holiday during which people return to ancestral family places and visit and clean their ancestors graves, and when the spirits of ancestors are supposed to revisit the household altars. Also called the Feast of Lanterns, it has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years and traditionally includes a dance, know as Bon-Odori. For more info - here

Bon-Odori was held at Shah Alam and I drive there all the way there, reached around 7pm and It's freaking hard to get a place to park. I park like 2 km away from the entrance.. argh.. I got tired of walking already before I can even walk around in Bon-Odori...

I went with 4 chicks... Cathy, Sylvia, Joanne aka Susu and Olivia

I see BALLOONS!!! I tell you!! Its no ordinary size balloon, ITS HUGE!! I mean HUGE is HUGEEEE!! XD

I walked around and shop for FOOD!!! There's many stall selling food, from Sushi to Rice Ball, Japanese fried noodles to Udon and from sausages to ice-cream and snack! Okay, I cant list down everything here... teehee~ too many to be listed!
There's even Cream Puff!!! World Famous Cream Puff From JAPAN... I wonder issit true??
Any1 tasted it b4?? Nice ke??

There's around 4-5 mini stall like this selling drinks for the thirsty visitor!
Spot Sylvia and Susu =)

I see Japanese Ice-Cream!!! There's soooo many kind of Ice-Cream
that you don't find it in supermarket and It only cost RM6 for each!

KIMCHI!!!! Yummy Yummy!!! Tuna, Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian, Spicy Chicken?? Which 1 do you want??? RM5 for each please.

Sushi!!! There's more than 1 counter selling sushi of cos, but I found this counter very attractive leh... hehehe.. There's Chuka Iidako!! My FAVOURITE~

Look at their pricing! I know from the looks of It is pricey, but the portion size is big. So It's reasonable. =)

I spotted Sushi King!!! OMG!! They transport their lil' Sushi train belt to Bon-Odori???

Now you got what i mean! HAHAHA!! Another new experience for those people who eat Sushi King like this compare to a fully air-conditioning Sushi King shop

There's more, There's more!!!! Yummy Japanese Snack!!!
It's RM5 per pack! But I didn't buy it. AWWW!!

Ice-cream!!! Strawberry, Chocolate and Green Tea!!!
I found out that they uses this Machine is the same as the 1 that Kindori Ice-cream uses.

Deep fried Mashed Potato. It suppose to be crispy on the outside, but It wasn't as
what I expected. It became soggy... Haihhh~~

TWISTER SAUSAGE!!! Yummy!!! This is special!
The sausage looked like Lollipop! Heeheehee~
I bet it's attract a lot of small girl to buy it BUT IT ATTRACTS ME TOO!

A picture of me looking hungrily wants to eat the sausage
and Sylvia wanna steal it from me!!!
Uh Uh! T.T!! I want Lollipop!!!

Okay Okay, Enough of food already.. Time for something else!
Let's move on!

We sit on the stadium floor and enjoyed our food of cos,
First time sitting down on the floor in a stadium and eat. Won-Der-Ful-nyerr~

Looked at the crowd there!!! Its fun you know!!!
Get to see different kind of families enjoy themselves together-gether

A stage is specially built for this!
So every1 get to see the Dance group dancing up there and drum beating moments.

HU Hu HU! Passionately beating the drum! HAAAAHHH!!!
Eh! Not Boom Boom Pow by BEP ah! XD

People all group together and DANCE!!!
Look how happy they are! Oh there's this guy notice I'm taking a picture of him..
EEEE!! Perasan-nyerrr... LolS

Cute Japanese girl in Kimono performing cultural dance eh???

More people dancing!!! The first guy he looked familiar to me, That's why I taken a picture
of him while he's dancing. Hmmm.. Cant remember who is he lar... Sorry!

*dance dance*

4 of them enjoying the cultural Japanese dance

More pictures of us!!!
Cathy, Sylvia, Susu and I!!!

This picture is taken b4 we left.
Susu, Oli, Cathy and I!!!

and to end this post, a picture of Oli and I
Gonna miss you now!!!

Come visit me in cameron kays! I promise to buy u strawberry. Heeheehee~

Signing Out
-Nigel Chen-