Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random Crap!

I've not been updating my blog for a while, so I decided to update it. BUT!! What should I update??? I really don't have anything in my mind... I've been working day and night. That's what my current routine is everyday, I know it's boring to write or put up a post on what happened to me during work and stuff... THAT'S LAGIII BORING! Then my blog gonna be a place for people to visit if they can't sleep... jadi Lullaby Blog edy larr.. how can!!!
So this post gonna be some random crap and shit! Just some random stuff to fill the emptiness of my blog.

My lens cap and lens hood

Evening atmosphere of the resort I'm working at.

I've been serving hot towels to guest for the past 3 weeks... WTF!

Bubble!! Crystal Clear~~ WUUUHOOO





A picture of Kev-ICHM with the 5 star Diamond Award for the resort.
*Kev is a cute lil' aussie bear that presenting ICHM*

The End

Signing out
-Nigel Chen-

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeehaa!!! Off Day!!

Sunday was my off day!!! What I'm going to do for my first off day??? Sleep? Eat? NO!!!!
TIME TO ENJOY AND EXPLORE CAMERON HIGHLANDS! I know I've been to Cameron Highlands alot of time *I lost count, XD* But but but!!! I can't just waste a day like for doing nothing right??? I gotta move my ass a lil' and get some fresh air right... Oh lala~ Ethan off day happen to be the same with me, so both of us and a new friend of ours went out to explore Cameron together-gether~ =)
This post is gonna full with pictures, enjoy the pictures then!!!

We went to Robinson Falls!

A scene from LOST season 6 (The Others).

Finally we reach the Robinson Falls. It wasn't appear as what I expected,
Kinda disappointing eh.

But a picture of us must have right??? So here they are!!!

It's me!!! Thumbs up for the Robinson Falls

Ethan and the Falls = Ethan Falls. =D

After we left Robinson Falls and we walked our way to town, while walking back to town we discover something HUGE!!!

Scroll Down!!!

Africa don't need to be hungry anymore with this.

The sun will come up 2moro, 2moro *Quote Ethan*

I have big balls~

Did you know that cactus grow in cold places too?

Welcome to Cactus Valley~ (There's Straberry Farm inside too)

Cactus Daddy & Son

The Buddha Lotus Cactus
*Self Claimed*

Small lil' cute cactus

Eat Green, Be Green and Go Green~ Thumbs Up!

Reaching puberty in XX days

Wallah!!! After puberty~

A strawberry!

Our strawberry mousse cake

Fried strawberry ice-cream serve with whipped cream and 2 fresh strawberry~

Scones with jam and cream

After spending time and enjoyed our afternoon tea in Cactus Valley

We went to market place! Market place is totally packed with busy people looking for cheap and good deals for vege and fruits. Those desperate shops owner are looking for customer as well!

Fresh lively flowers! Buy it for ur gf larh!!!

Of cos you can't miss out the famour Raju Straberry Farm right? So here we are!!!

Strawberry again!!! XD

After exploring Cameron, It's time to go home! So we walked 3km all the way to get ourselves back to town. While walking back to town, karma happen to Ethan! Why??? Because he threw a coconut shell on the road sign board. What happened??

Down Down!!!

A picture of us while walking back

Remember the coconut I mentioned?
This is actually a swamp "coconut"

A closed up picture of it

KARMA HAUNTS ETHAN!!! Right after he threw the coconut his slipper broke off and he have to walked bare footed for 1km *Ouch* + lots of cursing and swearing all the way

Happy Feet!!! He was lucky to get a new pair of flip flop from Brazil

The journey to explore Cameron ends here~

A picture of myself to end this post

Signing Out
-Nigel Chen-

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I get my first beginner entry DSLR before I left for cameron. I'm very very happy *SMILE WIDE WIDE*. I guess that I be occupied by my DSLR for 4 months up here in Cameron, Yeay!!! I wont be lonely~ Hahahaha... While I'm in the process of learning how to use my DSLR perfectly, I need someone or something to be the model or subject for me to shoot. I guess most of you already know who's that from my previous post. Teehee~

I bought Olympus E-520. I actually wanted to buy Nikon D60 but then I found out that this Olympus E-520 are much a better deal.


Built in Image Stabilization
Auto Focus while in Live View mode
Shadow Adjustment Technology
Face Detection
10 Megapixels
Dust Reduction
2.7" Hypercrystal LCD
20 Scene-Select Modes
Perfect Shot Preview
Truepic lii
Wireless Flash


For futher information do not hesitate to visit here.

Here are the few pictures taken by me during experimenting my new toy. Wallah!!!
* These pictures are not edited by photoshop

Heeheehee.. Ain't that bad right??? Any comments??? I'm still learning how to use my DSLR. Any1 willing to give free lesson??? XD

Signing Out
-Nigel Chen-