Monday, June 29, 2009

Stupid Movie yet FUNNY!

Yes! This is a STUPID movie yet FUNNY! The jokes were lame and senseless but it make me laughed till my stomach was suffering from pain!
I had to give credit to this movie graphic, the dinosour look real and also this movie will never go bad with Will Ferrell acting in it as the main actor. He's damn hilarious!
Thanks to Nigel I get to watch this movie for free and its a courtesy of United International Picture Malaysia to present it to us.
I went with Olivia and Sylvia for this free screening and this is actually my first time taking pictures inside cinema, BUT WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? U're in a movie theather which bombarded by BLOGGERS~
This is so against the rule of NO CAMERA inside the theather.

Oli and I

Jess was distributing her birthday cake to every1 of us.
Thank You Jess for your yummy cake!

Picture credited to Jess

That's all for now~ Thanks for reading.

-Nigel Chen-

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Badminton Competition by YTL-ICHM

This Badminton Competition was held last last last week! Yes! WEEKS AGO! Sorry for the late update of it...
My college will organize an event/activity every month for the student to enjoy and improve our relationship between the student as well, This month was Badminton Competition and many of us took part in it! We fight for the prizes and fight for our individuals classes from Dip 1/08, Dip 2/08, Dip 1/09 and Dip 2/09.
My classmate (Leow, U Keong, Vinud), Course mates from other Dip's and I were so excited for this competition and we had been practising 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks b4 the competition. After weeks of training, Finally the competition is HERE!!!
Single for Male and Female, Double for Male and Female category! I entered Single Male and Double Male category! Yepp!! Nigel is in competition!!! It's remind me so much of High School.. Entering competition for various kind of sports and that is HISTORY now!
Here are the picture of whats happening! Enjoy!!!

Leow Yen Aun in Single Male category

Mervin John in action!

Yung VS Mr Alex for his first match and he lost. AWW!! GO Mr Alex!

Ivan Low from Dip 1/09

U Keong in Single Male

Mr Alex can really play! FUUSH!

Zarina in Single Female category

Canasder VS Zarina (Refer to picture above)

Benson and I VS Jeoffry and Tarzan

Daniel and Benji VS Joe and Kumar

Joe and Kumar in Double Male category

Krishnan the Xiao Pang was just only posing for picture! LOLS

More Poser!!!

Use your imagination for this picture!
Mervin : Do u like my _ _ _ _!!!
Vinud : Yeahhh Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Supporter from Dip 1/09

The crowd who was there

Your out!!! Piiiiiiiikkkkk!!!

From Left : Yung, Yung GF, Rachel, Ru, Izz and Aina.

Leow, Benson and I + Benji (Behind)

Bensen sprain his leg! OMG!!! Alex and Desmond is giving First Aid.

Ben Ben! Hope your foot are much more better now.

Desmond giving prizes out to the winner! Zarina u own it!

The Winner for Double Female category, Zarina and Aina

The winner for Single Female category, Christie aka MAMA!

Oh lala! Alex was one of the winner? OMG!! I owe him a bottle of Black Label now.

Desmond giving out medal to UK

The winner for Double Male category, Mr Alex and UK

The winner for Single Male category, Leow


That's all for now! TTFN!

-Nigel Chen-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound!

I was at Euphoria by Ministry of Sound to celebrate one of my darling friend Yan Yan aka Alison early Birthday and it happen to be an event is being held there which is The SUPER GT INTERNATIONAL SERIES MALAYSIA ROUND 2009.
It suppose to be some kind of BIG party but it ended up a SMALL party. The birthday girl invited a group of her friends to attend but they FFK her. If you're wondering what is FFK, let me tell you. FFK is Fong Fei Kei which basically means a person who promise to join/attend/appear/come but atlast S/He did not show up. I know right! Malaysian is still into FFK-ing people... Not to mention, few of my friends did FFK me too.. BUT WHO CARES?? PARTY still on with or without you! HAHAHA! So here goes! Let the picture tell you the story!

Benji, Olivia and Sylvia at the exit of Euphoria

Benji and I at Euphoria

From Left: Olivia, Felix, Yan Yan (The Bday Girl), Me and Benji

Ethan, Me, Yan Yan and Felix
Special thanks to Ethan for joining! Even tho u're half drunk already. LOLS

The Hot Babes and I

More pictures of the Dudes!

Sylvia and I

Yan Yan and I

Sylvia and Benji

Both of them were actually Battling on Dance Floor

The BBoy!

From Left: Stephen, The BBoy and I

Snap 1!! OOPS!!! I'm wearing my glasses
Snap 2!! Yeay! Perfect!

Promoting Vodka while Posing in The Deq

Olivia and Ethan at The Deq


Candid!!! Since u're gonna be dead so let us laugh a lil' bout you.

After partying, we went over to mamak to have a refreshment then I have to send each and every1 home. LoLs... NOW I KNOW WHERE U LIVE! I GONNA HUNT U DOWN!!!

Tata For Now (TTFN)~

-Nigel Chen-