Saturday, November 7, 2009

Broadwalk Modeling Academy!!!

Broadwalk Modeling Academy Model Search Casual Photo Shooting 2009!

Organizer - The Buffalo Event
Co-Organizer - Malaysia Photography Outing

Venue - Bukit Jalil Park
Date - 17 October 2009
Time - 9am - 11am

It was a Casual Photo Shoot for the shutterbugs! I registered and attended myself to this event. It was a great event and fun to be able to share opinions and views with other photographer on that day itself. Getting to knows Portraits photography more and experiencing it with photographer from Beginner, Advance and Intermediate. The models provided by Broadwalk Modeling Academy are good too! Thanks to my teammates and models who worked with me for this event!
Here are the pictures of the models. Certain models are not assigned to my team and I had no choice but to bump into others teams and shoot their models. I'm sorry!!! But I believe everyone does the same thing as I did! Heeheehee.

This is the prove that I'm one of the Photographer for this event!!! Oh lala! I'm gonna frame this up! HAHAHAHA!

Shots of Priscilla Soh.

Shots of Michelle Chuah.

Shots of Mitra Goh.

Below are single shots of different models. *They're not my models so I couldn't spend much time shooting them as I have to get back to my team*


Dee Ya

Ice Chia


Rebecca Tan who was my secondary school friend are one of the models from Broadwalk Modeling Academy! But too bad!!! She's not my model too. Oh well... I manage to get a few shots of her while she was actually resting.

The Models! *Some had left earlier*

This is what you call TEAMWORK!

Here are some pictures I grab from other Photographer. *Behind The Scenes*

Spot ME!!! I'm the youngest Photographer there! WTF!

Group Picture!!!

Group Picture!!!

Registration Time! Spot me!!!

OMG!!! WTF!! Look at the amount of Photographer shooting the models.
Imagine! If they are using M16 instead of DSLR, Those models would be gone by now.

Now they don't plan on shooting you to death! BUT flashing you to death too!

Canon EOS user with their 70-200mm lens.

Woots! I'm in action!!!

I'm satisfy with my result as I'm still a beginner. Don't expect too much la wei!!!
HAHAHA! As usual, Comments and Critics are welcome! Thanks!!!

-Nigel Chen-


  1. Mitra Goh is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexyyyy!

  2. Mitra Goh is my teeeaaaacheerrrrrrrrrrrrr